Sunday, 20 March 2016

All About the Girls - Clarity Stamp Challenge March 2016

Well I have to admit I didn't know where to start with this challenge, but after Kim Shaw throwing down the gauntlet and looking at some of the other entries I decided to enter the card I have made to celebrate my Grandma's 94th birthday. I decided to make a card using the Groovi system and used multiple plates and borders in my design.
I started by putting the banner on and the top left hand corner. I rotated the lace corner border plate to mirror the design in the right hand corner.
I then used the circle plate before adding the square to make a border and added the trellis to the section below the banner.
The main focal point for the design was the Art Nouveau Poppies.
I personalised the design with "Grandma" and after reviewing the design I felt that something was needed in the space between the Art Nouveau Poppies and the square border so I decided to do some pin pricks. Now I do not possess the Groovi grids (yet) so I adapted by using the dots from one of the border plates and measuring using the square nesting dies. I then pierced these dots with a needle.
The design was completed with white work before adding colour using the Tombow colouring pencils and making the pierced holes bigger using the small Groovi tool.
The finished design was then mounted on a piece of coloured card before mounting on a 6x6" card blank.
Thank you for reading my blog.